The Admin account is the first FieldVibe account that you create for your business. This is where you add your company details and manage all your team leads, clients and jobs. Only the Admin account can have access to the Timeline, Reports and Subscriptions and can add or remove Team leads, Clients and Jobs from the app.

Team Lead

Team leads are invited by the Admin to join the company account. They receive an email from where they can then download the FieldVibe app. After they log in, they have access to their Schedule, Jobs and Notifications.

My schedule

From here your team leads can see their schedule for the day. The urgent bookings will be shown first and if they’re late to a job, they’ll be prompted to send the SMS template from here with just a few taps!

My jobs

Make it easier for your team leads to be more productive! From here they can see all jobs assigned to them and access the details. Every team lead can see his jobs as a list, on the calendar or even on the map! Also, when finishing a job, the team lead can add a payment, notes and photos from the job and mark the checklist and the job as done.


You don’t want your team leads to miss an update on their schedule. This is why they have access to the Notifications list.

Clock in/out

Less hassle and frustration! With FieldVibe your team leads can clock in and out with a simple touch on the screen. They can also clock in for every job, just by tapping the START JOB button.

Get more done with FieldVibe, it’s free!

Less paperwork, improved communication and more time to actually take care of your business.